Art of this issue

Art of the Spring Issue

A selection of original contributed artwork for our first issue – with the theme of spring, new beginnings and rebirth. Anyone wishing to contribute artwork for the summer issue please contact

Growth – Chris Opyrchal

Growth is a multimedia piece employing materials such as moss and mud, intended to represent the arrival of spring, particularly the replacing of the seemingly barren and lifeless with vibrant, fresh life thanks to the revivification of the sun.




Close up texture detail of ‘Growth’

chris mud

Spring – Chris Opyrchal

-Spring is a painting in which i intended to present an expansive selection of vibrant colours, alluding to the chaotic, lively nature of this season.

Chris flowers

Texture detail of ‘Spring’


Reviving Tree – Nick Opyrchal

This piece was a symbolic representation of the psychological process of moving from a state of death to rebirth often encountered in psychotherapy and during life crisis – the old dead structure has new sprouting leaves emerging from it, a process which reflects metaphorically the process of inner growth and change.


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