Welcome to Frontiers – Winter Edition

skull wallpaper 2So we come towards the end of the first year of Frontiers; the sky is grey and darkened. The weather is cold and the leaves have fallen, winter is here and with it a feeling of death. Death and the shadow therefore form the backbone of this edition of our magazine..

Kelly Hearn begins this by giving us a personal insight into what loss means to her, through the examples of her clients and her own experience in a beautiful piece of writing. I follow this with a look at what can seem the more distasteful side of the shadow with an article on psychopathy, in which I look at the image of the psychopathic psychotherapist in film and media – focusing on the most famous of all psychopathic protagonists in the guise of Hannibal Lecter (as seen in the recent television series). I ask the seemingly strange question – what can we learn about therapy from this character and others like him in popular culture?

We then move on to Meditation and it’s place in psychotherapy, with a detailed introduction by yoga and meditation teacher and trainee therapist Elizabeth Blaise. This is followed by a review of the psychological drama 45 days by Suzie Chick in which she breaks down the psychological aspects of the film – one which looks at the way in which shadows or ghosts from our past can come back to affect our current relationships.

shadows or ghosts from our past can come back to affect our current relationships

Finally we have our regular features – Book reviews – this time featuring the newest offering by the Dalai Lama (reviewed by Kelly Hearn) and an introduction to Lacanian analysis, the perspective which can sometimes feel the most arcane to the Anglo-American world which I review. We have the dilemma of the issue, featuring a large angry bulldog called Chunk and to top that off we have featured original artwork by artist Christian Opyrchal.

I hope you enjoy this encounter with the Shadow in all of it’s forms

Nick Opyrchal (Editor)

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