Welcome to Frontiers Spring 2017 – Novelty and Taboo

Welcome to another issue of Frontiers Magazine

Novelty and Taboo is the theme of this edition of Frontiers – a combination which might seem strange to some. Novelty and new ideas always have an element of taboo to them: as they encroach on closed systems – familiar, prohibitive phrases such as ‘that is the way it has always been done’, ‘its tradition’, ‘that’s not how we do things around here’ all warn us not to step too far into the unknown else we might disturb the established order.

This edition is one which means a lot to me personally. when I had the idea of starting Frontiers it was with the intention of creating a platform where ideas which were excluded from the mainstream of psychotherapy could be explored without censorship. In this issue we really are pushing some topics which are at the ‘Frontier’ of psychotherapy and psychology.

Firstly we have an interview by Susan Tomlinson with the director of a new documentary ‘Crazywise’. Crazywise takes a look at psychosis and schizophrenia through the lens of indigenous traditions and treatments rather than the bio-medical model which permeates psychiatry. This is a theme shared by the article by Suzie Chick on the ‘Shrinking Normality’ which we are presented with following the encroachments of the ever expansive DSM V. When does categorizing become an escape from experiencing?

I follow this edgy topic with a similarly controversial issue – psychedelics and psychotherapy, this is a subject which is thankfully re-emerging, right on the frontiers of current research and clinical trials. with impressive results. However in this article I take a historical view, looking at how the field of transpersonal psychotherapy is forever linked with the use of psychedelics (even though, often, we would prefer not to talk about it).

Cristina Preda next gives us an introduction to the nurturing program – a new way of helping parents to cope with their relationships to their children, and how she found a different perspective on this program through her psychotherapeutic training.

Finally we have some original artwork, based on the theme of novelty by Christian Opyrchal and as always our FrontiersDilemma – where psychotherapists and psychotherapy trainees tackle some of the difficult scenarios we might hypothetically face in clinical practice.

Have fun reading!

Nick Opyrchal (ed.)


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