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Chantal Fabrice, Certified Soul Voice Practitioner and Soul Voice Teacher


Having just completed year 2 of the diploma in counselling and psychotherapy at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, I was delighted when I was asked by fellow students to write an article on sound therapy for the first edition of Frontiers! The field of sound therapy or sound healing is quite vast and I have had the privilege of training with many of the leaders in this field. However, when I came across the Soul Voice® method, I felt moved in a profound way and instantly felt a deep calling within.

The beauty of sound is that it does not require words. All we have to do is to open our mouth and allow a sound – any sound – to come out. In any given moment, the sound of our voice reflects who we are. Words may lie, sound doesn’t. As I quickly discovered, there is no messing about when working with sound therapeutically and no hiding either. All is revealed in the tone of our voice, as it carries our own unique blueprint and through the frequencies of our voice, we have direct access to the deepest layers of the unconscious.

Furthermore, we do not need to rely on something that is outside of us. We all know that when working with clients, the answers lie within. So does the voice. The voice is our own personal healing instrument – one which we all possess, an instrument that is unique to each of us.

“The voice is a direct doorway to profound healing on all levels of our being.” -Karina Schelde


Sound touches us on all levels of our being

Karina Schelde, founder of the Soul Voice method, has put together a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to provide us with this ground breaking method of healing with the voice.

“There is a longing is us to fully open up the throat chakra, to communicate the truth and come into mastery of self-expression. There is a cry, a call deep within our hearts that wants to be heard. We long for the liberation of our voice and our soul, to rediscover the grandeur of who we truly are as a force of the highest vibration and creation.” -Karina Schelde

“Opening and clearing the throat chakra allows a freedom of self-expression that supports communication and healing on every level” she says. Our voice and throat area indeed can hold all manners of blockages and suppression, but “our voice will remember what we have forgotten.”

“The voice is the most powerful tool available for the healing of humanity” and this has been understood by ancient cultures for millennia.
Comments from clients who have experienced this dynamic vocal work include:

“What would have taken hours in counselling was unlocked in a direct way.” –Andy, London

“I now feel completely free of some burdens I had been carrying for over 20 years and I have come to a place of forgiveness and compassion for people who I thought I would have cut out of my life forever. I can now embrace myself as a whole.” –Anne, actress in London

I was able to express sounds with my own voice which helped to release what I felt had been stuck with me for a long time… I feel much freer in voicing myself as a person – where before I would have chosen not to be heard or not to participate. I have also felt somewhat lighter within myself since and although I feel I do not grasp yet the whole understanding of what actually really happened, something within me has shifted.” – Monika, CCPE Student.

So how does this work?

The process of the Soul Voice method is about awakening within us the healing qualities of our voice. We are resonant vibratory beings and when we learn to use our voice in a healing capacity, we can directly tap into the various layers of suppressed emotions held within our body.

Sound therapy is not about simply listening to sounds, it is about how sounds are experienced from the inside and how they are received on a somatic level. Sound affects structure. This science is called Cymatics and you will find numerous videos on YouTube.

In the Soul Voice method, we also learn to listen with the whole body. When we listen in this way, beyond the spoken words, we can truly hear with all our senses and tune into the emotional layers behind the language; when we express the matching sound frequencies, they penetrate the cellular structure of the body and unravel deep layers of cellular memory so they can be released, healed and transformed through these sounds.

Sound vibration is life itself. All life is vibration. By using our healing voice, we literally fill ourselves up with vibration, with life. As the sound frequencies entrain our cells to new healthy levels of vibration, we gain a renewed sense of feeling alive.

chantal workshop

This work is highly intuitive. Together with unconditional love and compassion, developing good grounding and good boundaries is necessary to provide a sense of safety and trust as a base for transformation.

Intuitive dissonant sounds are used to cleanse and dissolve while more harmonious or pure sounds are used to nourish, regenerate or reprogram new healthy patterns of being. In between is a whole spectrum of sounds that take us on a journey beyond the conscious level of the mind. As we deepen our remembering, we also learn to develop our own unique sound language.

“Each tone and each sound truly has a message and it is not possible to express a false note or a wrong sound in the Soul Voice® method.” –Karina Schelde

In this method, we work with sound, breath and movement. We work with the chakra system, the physical body (breath, body parts, body points, the spine, organs and glands), the inner child, the feminine and masculine union, birth patterns, ancestral and karmic imprints, sound surgery, earth healing, telepathic sound healing, therapeutic acting, God/Goddess work, personal and collective vision, sacred geometry and sacred space and other shamanic tools and rituals.

Sound as a healing tool for the pre-verbal period

Psychotherapy students will be familiar with early life issues, yet this period of life is often misunderstood – even by psychotherapists themselves – because understanding with the mind is very different from being in touch with real sensory experiences on a cellular level. This is where healing takes place.

The censoring of that period may be possible with talking therapies, unless one is lucky enough to have a therapist who has specifically done birth and early life work on themselves. Sound gives us direct access to pre-verbal memories. Sound helps us to release each emotional layer one by one and this happens beyond the mind, beyond words, beyond control.

As my friend and colleague, Caroline Barnes, put it so beautifully: “Sound has the ability to take us back to pre-verbal communication, where many of our attachment issues originate. Working beyond words is incredibly liberating and enables us to engage our more intuitive selves, freeing us from linear thoughts and left brain thinking.”

Soul Voice is a unique method that helps us to reconnect to the truth of who we are, our true authentic self, hidden behind layers of emotional pain. As we know, this pain is multi-layered and may even originate from ancestral and karmic imprints, the way were conceived, our life in the womb, our birth and early life experiences. All are a potential source of pain and trauma that shape the way we live our lives. This method helps us to release these layers so we can be truly free. As we free ourselves, we also heal our ancestral lines and make a significant difference to future generations.

It takes courage to delve into the deep layers of unexpressed emotions, and it is not for everyone, however this courage is rewarded by a sense of coming to a newfound freedom and a sense of being reborn on all levels into a more conscious way of living. This journey brings us closer to our authentic self, more in touch with our true essence, that which is unique to us, and to realise our true passion, visions and goals.

My husband, a CCPE trained psychotherapist, Dip.MA, is on the current professional training programme and for me, this says a lot!

Going further

Caroline Barnes and myself are the first UK based Soul Voice® Certified Practitioners to offer one-to-one sessions. We are also the first UK based Soul Voice® authorised teachers, although still in training. We both offer the 2-day Soul Voice workshop in the UK, and the first 5-day sound initiation retreat to ever take place in the UK is scheduled for November this year!

In the 2-day Soul Voice workshop, participants will:

• Discover and awaken your own healing voice
• Come to know your own voice’s unique resonance
• Strengthen listening and communication skills
• Gain more confidence and self-esteem in personal and professional relationships
• Tap into suppressed issues and through that, free your creative expression
• Develop your ability to release hurt feelings
• Practice magical voice techniques including Overtone Singing


About Chantal

Chantal is a French national living in South East London. With a background in hypnotherapy, healing, energy psychology, hypnobirthing, colour & sound therapy and therapeutic voicewOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAork, Chantal brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. She is currently studying for a Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy at CCPE, London. With a specialism in birth psychology, Chantal believes in babies’ consciousness and how the nine months’ gestation and birth experience shape our life.

To access Chantal’s Soul Voice Teacher profile, click here:
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Chantal’s website: and

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