Welcome to Frontiers

Welcome to Frontiers – a new magazine focusing on psychotherapy which aims to bring you exclusive, informative articles on the many different psychological healing modalities available.


It is appropriate that our magazine starts in spring, a time of rebirth and growth in which the ‘new’ emerges to replace the worn out and deadened husks of the previous year – our article on paganism and psychotherapy by Natalia Clarke explores this relationship between psychology and ecology in further detail, using her personal experiences to highlight the way in which the environment can be a metaphor for inner process. Of course in Spring for anything to grow healthily it must first be supported by strong roots; in my article on the work of the philosopher and psychiatrist Frantz Fanon I explore how his work addresses the alienation of colonized cultures – what happens psychologically when we are cut off from our origins?

Two books (the Skeleton cupboard and the Mindful Therapist) are reviewed in detail by Suzie Chick this issue, who provides a great overview of her experience of two very different pieces of literature. Next we have an article on sound therapy – the Soul voice method by Chantal Fabrice, a way of practicing which is especially effective for pre verbal trauma. This is followed by a suitably anonymous article on the many 12 step groups – a vital framework for anyone practicing psychotherapy as it is near impossible to work in the area of addiction without some working knowledge of how these programs operate. We then have our ‘Dilemmas’ page, in which a hypothetical nightmare situation is proposed – we are currently looking for people brave enough to take on next months dilemma (Which may be done anonymously for any intimidated!). Finally we have some artwork inspired by the spring theme of the issue.

We hope you enjoy reading this first issue of Frontiers

Nick Opyrchal (Editor)

chris mud

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